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At Willowridge Customs, we want to make homebuilding an enjoyable and seamless experience.  From choosing the perfect location to move-in day, you will work directly with the owner and designer to ensure each phase of the process exceeds your expectations. 

The Consultation

Phase one

Willowridge believes that open and honest communication leads to an exceptional homebuilding experience. We will start by listening to your needs and aspirations to begin visualizing a custom home that suits the needs of you and your family, as well as your budget.  We will then discuss more detailed items such as; overall design, floor plan, layout, lot size, and desired location. 

After this initial meeting we will then begin to establish a rough estimate  from each individual contractor needed during the process.  This initial estimate will help determine where we stand in terms of your overall budget, while giving insight into the custom details we can begin to add to your dream home.

Furthermore, designing your home encompasses two important concepts; functional layout, and overall floor plan. We encourage you to bring any photos, layouts, online inspirations, and interior/exterior design themes you may want during this time.  It will not only help us get a more accurate estimate, but will give us insight into your families personal style and custom layout needs.

The Design

Phase two

Once a wishlist for your dream home is created, the design phase is ready to begin. Here we will focus on the details of your custom home. This will include, exterior and interior paint colors, interior trim design, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, accents, decor, etc.  We understand this process can sometimes feel overwhelming, which is why we are here to help guide you through these decisions.  Our job isn't just to build your home, but to first and foremost ensure the decisions you are making are in line with your original vision. Upon your final approval of the overall design, layout, and your finances, the building process is ready to start. 


Phase three

Now that most of the big decisions have been planned, we are ready to begin building your custom home.  There will be a schedule created that you as the owner can follow along and watch as the home begins to become a reality.  Below is the overview of the general process:

-  Foundation

-  Framing

-  Roofing

-  Exterior finishes

-  Landscaping

-  Interior rough-ins and Drywall

-  Interior finishes

-  Fine Interior finishes and fixtures

-  Deep cleaning of new Home 

-  Homeowner walkthrough

-  Move into your new home

This general building list will have some items that occur simultaneously.  There will be a much more detailed breakdown provided to each new homeowner, as well as, a timed schedule of these events.  The timeframe to build any custom home can vary greatly depending on size and finishes.  


Phase four

Willowridge knows that a custom built home is a statement of you and your families personality and lifestyle.  We also know a custom home should display the highest quality craftsmanship offered.  This is why we work with only a few hand picked contractors over the last few years that have this same vision.  By working directly with our most trusted, high quality contractors we are confident you'll love your home during the final walk-through.  After the walk-through and final approvals, you are now ready to begin moving into your brand new home!  

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