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Existing homes offer endless possibilities to redesign a space that better suites you and your family. This is where Willowridge first began and still does much of today. The home you purchased may already be in the perfect location, but just needs a few changes. Whether it is a small bathroom remodel, full interior or exterior re-design, or an addition, we're ready to make your home just what you dream of.


We understand the idea of construction sometimes can be overwhelming to think about with your family living in the home. Our job is to be as courteous as possible when planning your projects timeline. During the initial design meeting we can offer systematic planning that works best for you and your family's schedule. 

The renovation process can vary depending on overall scope of the project at hand. In general, we follow the same type of schedule as a new build once the demo has been completed. The details of your personalized schedule will be decided during the initial design meeting. For more information contact us below. 


The Emerald Makeover


The Cozy Basement


The Big Kitchen Cafe


The Eclectic Overhaul

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